Department of Psychology, Keio University

prospective students

Undergraduate (Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Letters)

At the Keio University Faculty of Letters, students are not assigned to a specific discipline when they are enrolled in the University.
Accordingly, if you wish to study Psychology, please refer to the Admission Guide of the Faculty of Letters.
After admission, undergraduate students submit a specialty application sheet prior to advancing to the sophomore year and are assigned to a specific discipline.
If the number of students wishing to study Psychology exceeds the quota (year 2023: 28), we may select students by performing interviews to assess the motivation for applying.

Number of students submitting applications for the Department of Psychology in recent years

Year 2022 51
Year 2021 40
Year 2020 40
Year 2019 40
Year 2018 37
Year 2017 34
Year 2016 43
Year 2015 27
Year 2014 23
Year 2013 18
Year 2012 25

Graduate school (Psychology, Graduate School of Human Relations)

At the Graduate school, both the master’s and doctoral programs are run by the Graduate School of Human Relations.
The number of students who can participate in the master’s and doctoral programs is 5 and 2 per year, respectively.
Please refer to the details below.

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